24 Juni 2017

Myanmar Interested in Russian Unmanned Ground Vehicle

24 Juni 2017

Russian Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV demonstration during visit (all photos : Min Aung Hlaing)

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing visits No 766 Production and Technological Equipment Center

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, currently in the Russian Federation, accompanied by Lt-Gen Soe Htut and senior military officers of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army) and Myanmar Military Attaché to the Russian Federation Brig-Gen Nyunt Swe, visited No 766 Production and Technological Equipment Center at 4.20 local standard time on 20 June, and was welcomed by Deputy Director-General Mr. Khlebtikov Evgeny.

First, the Senior General and party viewed round ambulances, operation theatre vehicles, laboratory treatment vehicles and cars at the Production and Technological Equipment Center. Officials conducted them round the center.

Next, they viewed remote-controlled mine clearance vehicles, combat vehicles and fire trucks and observed test driving. After viewing armoured vehicles, they rode them.Officials explained salient points.

Afterwards, the Senior General presented commemorative gifts to officials of the company.

(Min Aung Hlaing)

Royal Thai Navy Lays Keel for Second OPV

24 Juni 2017`

Second OPV to be named HTMS Karnataka (image : RTN)

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) has laid down the keel for its second 90 m offshore patrol vessel (OPV), which it is building in collaboration with BAE Systems.

The keel laying ceremony was held on 23 June at the RTN’s Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard in Sattahip, Chonburi, a facility managed by state-owned company Bangkok Dock.

The OPV, based on BAE Systems’ River-class platform, is scheduled to be launched in 2018. The RTN’s first OPV, HTMS Krabi , was commissioned in August 2013 and also built at the Mahidol Adulyadej dockyard through co-operation with BAE Systems.

Jane’s understands that the RTN has a total requirement for six OPVs of the type.

The RTN acquired the design of the OPV from BAE Systems in 2009, with the UK group also signing a contract to support the construction of the second OPV in February 2016.

Krabi class OPV (image : shipbucket)

At the keel laying ceremony, the RTN said that the building of the second OPV will consist of two phases and have a total budget of THB5.5 billion (USD170 million).

Phase one runs from 2015 to 2018 and is allocated THB2.85 billion. It includes the construction of the platform, and the procurement of machinery, materials, logistics support, and technical services. Phase two – allocated THB2.65 billion – includes the procurement of command, surveillance, and weapon control systems and stretches from 2016 to 2018.

The OPV, which has an overall beam of 13.5 m, a draught of 3.5 m, and a top speed of 25 kt, will be fitted with a combat, navigation, and communication suite provided by Thales and Boeing’s Harpoon surface-to-surface guided weapon system.


PC-21 Aircraft MRO to Commence in 2018

24 Juni 2017

RAAF PC-21 aircraft (all photos : Sid Mitchell)

Martin-Baker Australia and Pilatus Aircraft have signed a letter of intent for Martin-Baker Australia to provide ejection seat maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) PC-21 aircraft.

The agreement between the companies proposes a seven-year firm fixed price solution with rolling contract change proposals out to 20 years.

Martin-Baker Australia's managing director Andrew Eden said the arrangement is the best fit for the performance-based contract.

"This arrangement makes sense under a performance-based contract, we are best able to provide this service efficiently and manage and control the risk and liability associated with our product and this proposal flows that down to us," said Eden.

"It represents the same partnership with Pilatus for through-life support and sustainment that we have during design, development and production."

ISO9001:2015 certification of the Martin-Baker integrated management system (IMS) was granted last week by Southpac Aerospace. This IMS covers both quality and safety management within the company and provides the foundation for the future DASR Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Exposition.

Martin-Baker director of business development and marketing Andrew Martin said the services within this agreement are a good reflection of why the company formed an Australian subsidiary.

"The services covered by this agreement are the reason we formed Martin-Baker Australia," said Martin. "To provide the best possible sustainment solutions to our end users at the best possible price. To take this from the idea in our board room to potentially a life of type agreement on a large fleet of aircraft like the RAAF PC-21 is a great achievement."

Rob Oliver, Pilatus’ director defence Australia, said, "We’re looking forward to this partnership and are pleased to continue our long relationship with Martin-Baker; a comprehensive service arrangement for the egress systems with the OEM of the ejection seats is a robust and elegant solution. This also increases our commitment to a new in-country Australian industry capability supporting the PC-21."

The first maintenance under the agreement will be due in mid-2018, ramping up to full capacity within two years. 

The RAAF said the Pilatus PC-21 is the world’s most advanced pilot training aircraft. As part of the AIR 5428 Pilot Training System project, the PC-21 will replace Air Force’s current PC-9/A and CT-4B aircraft.

In March this year, the RAAF's PC-21 pilot training system was declared a significant leap forward in pilot training by Minister for Defence Personnel Dan Tehan.

(Defence Connect)

23 Juni 2017

Pembelian Sukhoi Su-35 Disebut Menguntungkan Indonesia

23 Juni 2017

Pesawat tempur Sukhoi Su-35 (photo : Sputnik)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Menteri Pertahanan (Menhan), Ryamizard Ryacudu, menyebut pembelian Sukhoi SU 35 menguntungkan Indonesia. Sebab ada kerja sama berkelanjutan antara negara produsen Rusia dengan pemerintah Indonesia.

"Karena ada imbal dagangnya 50 persen. Kita bisa ekspor," kata Ryamizard di Kantor Kementerian Pertahanan, Jakarta Pusat, Kamis 22 Juni 2017.

Perjanjian antara Indonesia dan Rusia itu meliputi pembangunan pabrik suku cadang pesawat tempur di Tanah Air. Nantinya di Indonesia akan tersedia suku cadang hingga pusat perbaikan Sukhoi.

Jumlah Pesawat

Namun Menhan menolak menjelaskan detail kerja sama termasuk 50 persen imbal dagang mengingat hal tersebut, kata dia, masuk ranah Kementerian Perdagangan (Kemendag). Yang jelas, Ryamizard akan berusaha mendatangkan 10 lebih pesawat tempur Sukhoi ke Tanah Air.

"Kemarin kan dananya untuk 8 pesawat, saya akan coba bisa 10. Kalau bisa 11 (pesawat Sukhoi)," kata Ryamizard.

Disinggung mengenai waktu kedatangan pesawat, Mantan KASAD itu meminta semua pihak sabar. Karena proses mendatangkan pesawat terbilang rumit, apalagi yang baru. "Ya dibuat dulu, kan kita enggak beli bekas," pungkasnya.


Second Minister for Defence Visits Advanced Jet Training Detachment in France

23 Juni 2017

RSAF Advanced Jet Training Detachment at Cazaux Air Base in France (all photos : RSAF)

Second Minister for Defence Commends Dedication of RSAF Personnel at the Advanced Jet Training Detachment in France

Second Minister for Defence Mr Ong Ye Kung visited the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)'s 150 Squadron at Cazaux Air Base, France last evening (SG time). During the visit hosted by the Chief of Air Force Major-General Mervyn Tan, Mr Ong received a brief on the detachment's training programme and boarded the M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer for a familiarisation ride. He also met the families of the RSAF personnel deployed there and thanked them for their strong support.

Speaking about the quality of the training in France, Mr Ong said, "Our fighter pilot trainees here have access to advanced systems and receive high-quality training. They train on the M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer to conduct a wide range of operational missions. Such training is important as they provide the pilot trainees with a strong foundation to operate the F-15SG and F-16 aircraft later on. We appreciate France's support and hospitality for our detachment, which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary here next year. The opportunity to train in France has strengthened the professionalism and capabilities of the RSAF, and reinforces the personal ties between the RSAF and their French counterparts here."

The Cazaux Air Base in France is home to RSAF's 150 Squadron and its personnel, including pilots, Air Force Engineers, trainees and support staff.  Since 1998, the RSAF has conducted flying training in Cazaux; such overseas training and detachments allow the RSAF to overcome the land and airspace constraints in Singapore. Both the RSAF and the French Air Force also interact regularly through visits, professional exchanges and courses. These interactions have contributed significantly towards the excellent and long-standing defence relations between the two countries, and strengthened the mutual understanding and camaraderie amongst the personnel of both Air Forces.

(Sing Mindef)

3 Batalyon Howitzer Akan Dibeli Pada 2018

23 Juni 2017

Howitzer LG-1 Mk-3 kaliber 105mm (photo : Erich Saumeth)

2018, Pemerintah akan Belanja Meriam Howitser, OPV, dan Rudal jarak menengah

Menjelang Idul Fitri ini, para pembaca tentu sudah menyiapkan sejumlah rencana berikut anggarannya. Demikian juga pemerintah Republik Indonesia, kini tengah menyiapkan rencana kerja di tahun 2018 mendatang. Karena media ARCinc ini berfokus pada militer dan aviasi, tentu disini kita akan telaah apa saja rencana pemerintah di tahun 2018 dalam bidang pertahanan.

Rancangan awal Rencana Kerja Pemerintah (RKP) tahun 2018 (image : Bappenas)

Dari data Rancangan Awal RKP 2018 yang ARCinc peroleh, bisa sedikit kita intip rencana besar pemerintah di tahun depan. Yang mencolok bagi redaksi adalah pengadaan 3 batalyon meriam kaliber 105mm, dimana 2 batalyon diantaranya adalah untuk pengganti meriam tarik 76mm yang sudah uzur, serta 1 batalyon lainnya untuk marinir TNI-AL. Data ini kemudian kami konfirmasi ke salah satu agen Nexter (produsen meriam asal Prancis), dan ia pun membenarkan akan adanya pengadaan 3 batalyon meriam LG-1 Mk3.

Point menarik lainnya adalah pengadaan kapal OPV 80-90 meter. Menjadi menarik karena pengadaan 2 kapal ini memakan biaya mencapai  Rp 1 Trilyun. Boleh lah kita berharap jika benar dibeli, maka OPV ini nanti sudah full combat ready.

Sementara itu untuk matra udara, akan kembali dilakukan pengadaan lanjutan rudal darat ke udara jarak menengah tahap 2. Ini tentu menjadi pertanyaan, apakah pengadaan tahap pertama sudah teken kontrak? Selain itu ada pula pengadaan rudal AIM-9X dan AIM-120, dimana pada pengadaan Sidewinder sudah terkonfirmasi oleh pemerintah Amerika Serikat.

Pengadaan alutsista pada jaman Presiden Jokowi memang tampak tidak sebesar masa Kepresidenan sebelumnya. Namun perlu dipahami, pembelian alutsista pada masa Presiden SBY membawa dampak pada masa pemerintah kini. Alutsista yang mahal dan berteknologi canggih tentu memerlukan anggaran yang tidak sedikit untuk pemeliharaan serta sarana dan prasarana pendukungnya. Karena itu porsi terbesar anggaran justru ada pada perawatan alutsista. Tercatat untuk Harwat alutsista matra darat sebesar  Rp 1, 8 trilyun rupiah. Disusul anggaran harwat untuk matra laut sebesar Rp 3,3 Trilyun, dan yang terbesar  adalah untuk alutsista matra udara sebesar Rp 4,5 Trilyun.

See full article ARC

Thailand’s First Win MPV Secures New Deal

23 Juni 2017

Thai military orders 13 First Win MPV-multipurpose vehicle (photo : Chaiseri)

Thai military vehicle manufacturer Chaiseri has secured an order from the military government’s Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) to supply an updated version of its 4x4 First Win multipurpose vehicle (MPV).

The contract – the latest in a series of military vehicle contracts in Thailand – comprises 13 vehicles, which will be used by ISOC in security and paramilitary applications, Jane’s understands. The vehicles supplied to the ISOC will be designated First Win 2, an updated version of the original platform featuring additional protection systems.

The value of the deal has not been disclosed.

The vehicle is already in operation with the Royal Thai Army (RTA) and Thailand’s Ministry of Justice’s Department of Special Investigation.