01 September 2014

RTA Menerima 3 Helikopter UH-60M Blackhawk

01 September 2014

Helikopter UH-60M Angkatan Darat Thailand (all photos : Thai Fighter Club)

Angkatan Darat Thailand (Royal Thai Army/RTA) menerima pengiriman lanjutan berupa 3 helikopter Blackhawk jenis UH-60M buatan Sikorsky. Pada April 2013 lalu RTA juga telah menerima pengiriman helikopter Blackhawk jenis UH-60L.

Angkatan Darat Thailand memesan 16 helikopter Blackhawk secara bertahap terdiri dari 7 unit tipe UH-60M, 6 unit tipe UH-60L dan 3 unit tipe UH-60HL. Jumlah ini termasuk 1 unit Blackhawk yang jatuh pada tahun 2011 lalu.

Seri UH-60M merupakan jenis heli multirole dan sudah menggunakan full glass cockpit. Sesuai skedul RTA menerima UH-60M 3 unit pada 2014, dan akan menerima lagi 2 unit pada 2015 dan 2 unit lagi pada tahun 2016.

(Defense Studies)

Philippine Navy Interested in MV Susitna Ferry

01 September 2014

Efforts to sell an unused ferry owned by the Mat-Su borough continued Thursday Four officials from the Phillippines Navy, and a U.S. Navy advisor examined the ship during a demonstration outside of Ketchikan. (photo : gpai)

Potential Buyer Interested in Ferry

“We get a lot of typhoons, and we do a lot of disaster response operations, this is something that we can do for that purpose."

The M/V Susitna is not your typical ferry.  It was designed by the navy as a warship prototype for 75 million dollars.

With the help of the late Senator Ted Stevens, the ship was constructed in Ketchikan, creating jobs in a town that once thrived on the timber industry.

The navy gifted the boat to the Mat-Su borough three years ago when it had no use for it.  The intention was to shuttle passengers and vehicles between Anchorage and Port Mackenzie.  Those plans sunk when federal funds to build landings on each end of the Cook Inlet dried up. The ferry idea also took hit when the Knik Arm Crossing was proposed.

MV Susitna was designed as a warship prototype (photo : vigorindustrial)

Now the borough wants to sell it for $6 million.

The M/V Susitna was originally designed to carry 150 passengers and 50 vehicles, but if the Philippines Navy is interested in buying it, they plan to use it for other purposes.

"This is a very unique vessel, that we can beach it,” said Captain Carlos. “It's a catamaran type; we can load a lot of stuff in here."

It could be several months before the Philippines government makes a decision on the ship.  Meantime, the Mat-Su Borough is settling up on a bill from the federal government.  

The Federal Transit Administration wants the borough to pay back $12.5 million in grant money.  Those funds were used for pre-design and environmental studies related to the project.

Any sale of the ferry must be approved by the borough assembly and the federal government.


31 Agustus 2014

2015, Markas Batalion Infanteri Hadir di Natuna

31 Agustus 2014

Satu batalyon akan hadir di daratan Kepulauan Natuna Besar yang mempunyai luas wilayah 1.720 km² (photo : Viva)

Natuna (Antara Kepri) - Pada tahun 2015 nanti, satu batalion infanteri TNI AD akan hadir di Natuna. Penambahan dan penempatan kekuatan TNI tersebut adalah sebagai salah satu upaya dalam pengembangan gelar kesatuan di wilayah terdepan NKRI.

"Benar, pada tahun 2015 nanti akan ada batalion infantri di Natuna. Ini adalah salah satu upaya dalam pengembangan gelar kekuatan pasukan TNI di wilayah perbatasan," ungkap Danrem 033/Wira Pratama Kepri Brigjen TNI B Zuirman di sela kunjungan ke Natuna, Rabu.

Jenderal bintang satu itu mengatakan, nantinya markas batalion tersebut akan ditempatkan di daerah Sepempang, Kecamatan Bunguran Timur dengan nama Batalion Infanteri 135.

"Mengapa Batalion Infanteri, sebab batalion ini adalah pasukan yang bisa di arahkan kemana saja dan siap tempur kalau terjadi apa-apa nantinya, juga taktis. Sedangkan alat perangnya adalah yang terdepan atau utama," kata Brigjen B Zuirman.

Perlu diketahui, tambah jenderal lagi, Kabupaten Natuna merupakan daerah NKRI yang berbatasan langsung dengan perairan Vietnam, dan wilayah timurnya berbatasan dengan Malaysia Timur, Thailand dan Brunei, yang bila terjadi konflik sangat riskan dijadikan musuh sebagai pangkalan sebelum masuk ke wilayah Indonesia. 

"Posisi Natuna ini sangat strategis dan banyak pulau-pulau kecil, yang dikelilingi oleh negara asing, bila terjadi konflik, sangat mungkin dijadikan pangkalan oleh musuh sebelum masuk ke wilayah RI, oleh sebab itu, perlu ada tambahan pasukan yang terpusat di wilayah ini," tambahnya. 

Sementara ini kata dia, untuk lahan, Pemerintah Daerah Natuna sudah mempersiapkannya, dan menunggu sertifikatnya saja. Sedangkan dana untuk pembangunan markas tersebut, berasal dari pusat.

"Kita juga memberikan apresiasi kepada Pemerintah Kabupaten Natuna, yang sudah mempersiapkan lahan untuk TNI, semoga pada tahun 2015 nanti apa yang kita harapkan dan bisa terwujud, demi keutuhan dan keamanan NKRI di daerah perbatasan," pungkasnya. 


Tank Leopard dan Marder Datang di Tanjung Priok

31 Agustus 2014

MBT Leopard 2A4 dan IFV Marder 1A3 untuk TNI AD (photos : 14aste)

Sabtu sore 30/08 kapal kargo berbendera Panama, Morning Celesta, yang membawa 52 tank Leopard dan Marder dari pelabuhan Bremenhaven, Jerman telah tiba di pelabuhan Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.

Kendaraan yang dikirim dalam batch ini, dengan perincian sebanyak 24 MBT Leopard 2A4 dan 28 IFV Marder.

Untuk kendaraan IFV Marder akan dibagi ke dalam beberapa batalyon kavaleri atau infantri mekanis.

Camo baru tank TNI AD (photo : jkgr)

Sedangkan MBT Leopard 2A4 akan dibagi untuk 2 kesatuan yaitu Batalyon Kavaleri 1 Kostrad, Cijantung, Jakarta dan Batalyon Kavaleri 8 Kostrad, Pasuruan, Jawa Timur. 

Perjalanan ke Jawa Timur akan ditempuh dengan kapal kargo yang lebih kecil dengan tujuan pelabuhan Tanjung Perak Surabaya.

Kendaraan yang datang dengan warna hijau polos ini selanjutnya akan mendapatkan camo baru khas TNI AD dan logo kesatuan.

(Defense Studies)

29 Agustus 2014

Lineup of 36 Aircraft on China's Liaoning Carrier Revealed

29 Agustus 2014

Liaoning aircraft carrier ship (photo : Xinhua)

China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, can carry four Z-18J airborne early warning (AEW) helicopters, six Z-18F anti-submarine helicopters, two Z-9C rescue helicopters, and 24 J-15 shipborne fighter jets, the Chinese-language Shanghai Morning Post reported on Aug. 28.

24 J-15 ship-borne fighter jets (photo : ChineseMilitaryReview)

Cao Dongwei, senior colonel and researcher at the People's Liberation Army Naval Research Institute, said the aircraft carrier could gain the upper hand in any potential battle for air or sea supremacy. The lineup may differ for various missions, however. The full lineup of 36 aircraft shows that the "PLA Navy's era of aircraft" has arrived, the report said.

Six Z-18F anti-submarine helicopters (photo : Janes)

On the tail of the Z-18F helicopter is the image of a sea eagle sprawling its talons, which suggests that the aircraft's mission is to seek out and attack enemy submarines, according to the paper. Cao said it is common practice to mark aircraft with physically tough and fierce animals to "show the spirit of bravery of the pilot and the craft itself."

The helicopter has a shipborne sea search radar that enables 360-degree detection and is equipped with dipping sonar and the report speculated that it can carry 32 sonobuoys.

Four Z-18J airborne early warning (AEW) helicopters (photo : yn66)

China is faced with a grave threat from the US, which owns the most advanced nuclear submarines, as well as Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force, the report said. Countries operating in the South China Sea, particularly those engaged in territorial disputes with China, have also been strengthening their naval forces, putting pressure on China, said the report.

The Z-9C helicopter's ZLC-1 radar can detect up to a range of 150 meters, while the Z-18F helicopter is equipped with four 7K anti-submarine torpedoes and four YJ-91 missiles.

Two Z-9C rescue helicopters (photo : militaryzone)

"In offshore combat, we are mainly faced with challenges to defensive military operations," said Cao. "We need to power up anti-submarine capability to prevent offshore detection from potential opponents and to prevent a mine blockade."

(WantChina Times)

Second Batch of Oplot MBT will be Delivered in October 2014

29 Agustus 2014

Second batch consist of five T-84 Oplot MBT will be delivered in October (photo : ukroboronprom)

Malyshev plant preparing to send tanks abroad

State enterprise "Malyshev Plant" (Kharkiv) is planning to send to Thailand in October a second batch of tanks "Oplot" told CEO Nikolai Belov. According to him, as part of the party - five tanks. Their production - in the final stages.

According to Belova, until the end of 2015 to complete the task of sending the "pillars" in Thailand (of the contract need to send 49 cars). "Some of the tanks have been welding, welded following housing being machined. Production process tanks is" - said Belov.

In September 2011, between the GC "Ukrspetsexport" and operational management of the Royal Thai Army was awarded a contract to supply 49 units of Thailand main battle tank "Oplot" and support vehicles production enterprise "Malyshev Plant". The total contract value substantially exceeds $ 200 million.

Royal Thai Army has received first five Oplot MBT (photo : thaidefense-news)

In November 2013 in Kharkiv representatives "Ukrspetsexport" and the Royal Thai Army signed an act of technical acceptance of the first batch of these tanks. February 4, 2014 the first batch of five tanks arrived in the Kingdom of Thailand to the port of Sattahip, where they were unloaded and sent to the place of acceptance tests.

"Oplot" is constructed in the GP "Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau" and is designed to defeat all kinds of fire ground (surface) and low-flying low-speed air targets under enemy fire enemy. The tank can be operated at ambient temperatures from -40 ° C to + 55 ° C and at an altitude of up to 3 thousand meters above sea level. The tank is armed with a gun BAF-3 (gauge - 125 mm) with a horizontal wedge semi-automatic breech, coaxial machine gun PKT (7.62 mm), and anti-aircraft guns rendered type (12.7 mm).


U.S. and Malaysia Conducts MALUS AMPHEX 2014 in Sabah

29 Agustus 2014

Malaysia-US Amphibious Exercise 2014 (all photos : MyJointForce)

U.S. and Malaysian and Armed Forces Kick Off Joint Exercise

KG TANDUO, Malaysia --Members of the United States and Malaysian armed forces came together to officially open Malaysia – United States Amphibious Exercise 2014 during an opening dinner at Kg Tanduo, Malaysia, Aug. 26.

The exercise, planned over the span of several months, is designed to improve participating forces’ amphibious training, readiness and interoperability.

Approximately 500 Marines and sailors from the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit will be partnered with members of the 7th and 22nd Royal Malay Regiments. A small number of planners from Amphibious Squadron Five and the Makin Island Amphibious Ready group will also be partnered with planners from the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Col. Matthew Trollinger, the 11th MEU’s commanding officer, urged participants to use the exercise as an opportunity to learn from each other and to work together.

“The U.S. and Malaysia have shared a longstanding military relationship and we are grateful to build upon that tradition over the next week,” said Trollinger.

Partnered training with the Malaysian Armed Forces includes shipboard familiarization, medical and dental capabilities, weapons familiarization, amphibious rehearsals with ship-to-shore connectors, live-fire ranges, rapid response planning process, execution of an amphibious assault and landing, and reconstitution.

The U.S. military and Malaysian Armed Forces have partnered in counter-terrorism operations since 1985 and have participated in numerous exercises over the years.

MALUS AMPHEX 14 is a realistic and challenging exercise that brings service members closer and improves both nations’ ability to work bilaterally, which better prepares both nations to provide regional and global security.

(US Marines)